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12" Nite Ize Gear Tie
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3" Nite Ize Gear Tie
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6"  Nite Ize Gear Tie
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Useful Travel info


 Some information you might find useful when preparing your adventure...



1. Scan your passport. In fact any other important documents scanned and stored on a secure web based email account could be helpful if something goes missing. Also maybe some contact details in case your credit or debit cards go missing.

2. Split up your valuables. You have many pockets. Split your cash, cards etc just in case.

3. Remember the liquid restrictions in airports.Take time to check your limit for liquids in hand luggage to avoid delaying yourself and other passengers.

4. If you’re backpacking place the lighter things at the bottom. It will rest easier on your back.

5. Plastic bags. It doesn’t do any harm to have a few in your bags for things like washing or even a makeshift umbrella!

6. If you’re bringing gifts in your hand luggagedon’t pack them too much as you may have to unpack for the security at the airport.

7. Speaking of carry on, keep any medication and important papers in your hand luggage.

8. Have you heard of the ‘Roll Technique’? Rolling clothes rather than folding keeps them less wrinkled and creates more space!

9. A small first aid kit with antibiotic ointment, bandages, disinfectant and pain killers. In the excitement of travel, people tend to think minor scrapes don’t matter and will heal. This can lead to serious infection that could ruin the holiday and become expensive. A first aid kit can be very small and items replaced. For camping or travelling in rural areas a more comprehensive first aid kit is needed. It could contain medications for infections and diarrhoea.

10. Antibacterial gel is a small item that often gets overlooked. It is very important for travel because washing with soap and water may not always be convenient.

Every time you travel whether it is for a weekend at a local B&B or to another continent, make a list of what you took with you and what you wish you had taken. Keep the list in your suitcase or hand luggage, so the next time you travel, it will be waiting to make sure you don’t forget anything important again.

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